About Us

Mandarin-008My husband and I were in commercial construction in Clovis, California. for many years. After retiring we began looking for something fun and interesting to fill our extra time. We are both from the Ozark Mountain area and had heard stories of our grandmothers and their neighbors making their own soap. But, they made soap over open fires, with animal fat rendered from their own animals, not exactly what we had in mind. We read Foxfire books, watched other people making soap at special events, and became interested in the soap making process. After a lot of research and planning, we made our first batch of soap, in our kitchen, October 2008. We had such great responses from friends and family we pressed on and continued to reformulate and perfect our recipe for Cobble Creek Soap. We are truly a family run, cottage industry. My husband, Mark has made all of our molds, cutting guides, and helps in mixing and pouring each batch of soap. Our son, Luke has created our instructional video, advertisements, and designs and monitors our web page. We have enjoyed this new venture, and look forward to what is ahead.

We have chosen to be a healthy, natural alternative to the chemical and preservative filled products of commercial soap companies, or the heat and pour soaps, where you have little or no control over the quality of ingredients. We use the cold-process method with, high grade, God given, natural ingredients. Our ingredients include grade A olive oil which moisturizes, as it attracts external moisture and holds it close to the skin, while allowing your skin to sweat, breath and shed cells naturally. Palm oil which is made from the fruit of the oil of palm trees. Palm oil helps to make a harder bar of soap, so it will last longer, clean well, and yet remain mild. Coconut oil is obtained from the copra or dried coconut meat. It is what makes the soap higher quality, moisturizing, adds a wonderful scent and a quick fluffy lather. We also add extra ingredients such as shea butter, colorants of nutmeg or cinnamon, with lavender flowers and dried blueberries as exfoliants. Due to the high cost of essence oils we do use fragrances oil, all of which are cosmetic grade and suitable for cold-process soaps.